Saturday, November 2, 2013

Cover Reveal
My Life for Yours
Margaret McHeyzner
~ Synopsis ~
He’s lived a life of high society and privilege; he chose to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a Senator.

She’s lived a life surrounded with underworld activity; she had no choice but to follow in her father’s footsteps and take on the role of Mob Boss.

He wants to stamp out organised crime and can’t be bought off.

She's the ruthless and tough Mob Boss where in her world all lines are blurred.

Their lives are completely different, two walks of life on the opposite ends of the law.

Being together doesn’t make sense.
But being apart isn’t an option

~ Excerpt ~
Two warm hands encircle my waist.
I look up to see the wall I ran into is, in actual fact, a man.
Smokey grey eyes.
Short jet black hair, just a little longer than a buzz cut.
Perfect square jawline.
Beautiful sculptured nose.
Kissable well defined luscious lips.
His business shirt clinging to him and illustrating his muscles.
Arms that are thick and curvaceous.
Legs that are strong and built up.
My eyes travel all the way down his body and then all the way back up. I’m sizing up my very deserving and worthy opponent as a moan escapes past my lips. I haven’t even realised that I’m back on my feet because my eyes can’t be torn away from the angel like man standing before me. His shirt clings to his chest and all I want to do is lick him from his neck to his navel. My body clenches and I can feel my heart rate increasing. His warm hands still on my waist and I lean in with my eyes closed to familiarize myself with his strong cedar aroma.

~ Connect with Margaret ~

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