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A Sip of You 
Sorcha Grace

A SIP OF YOU High rez cover 
 ~ Synopsis  ~
A young food photographer's appetites are further explored as her love affair with a handsome billionaire gourmand deepens. Book 2 in the The Epicurean series.
The undeniable chemistry between food photographer Catherine Kelley and billionaire gourmand William Lambourne has become an unquenchable thirst…
Catherine’s career in Chicago is taking off and the handsome stormy-eyed stranger who recently rocked her world has become -- dare she say it? -- her boyfriend. Dating a billionaire who’s a god in the bedroom and a virtuoso in the kitchen definitely has its perks. But it’s the unguarded, tender moments with William that stir Cat’s heart and reawaken her appetite for love. A weekend trip to William’s vineyard so he can face a painful loss puts their new relationship to the test. Complex and layered, William is at once passionate and sweet, but also prickly and guarded. He’s promised openness, but it becomes immediately clear that Cat’s version of honesty and his are as different as chardonnay and pinot noir. It’s hard to fault William for his secretive ways when Cat knows she’s holding back, too. As the attraction between them gets even hotter, Catherine and William must share all of their secrets before their relationship can truly begin. And little does Cat know how dangerous confronting their pasts will be.
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~ Excerpt ~
…“Sometimes I wonder what you’re doing with me.”
He raised a brow as he slid out a drawer, produced a corkscrew, and began to open the bottle of wine. “Why would you say that? It’s me who doesn’t deserve you. You’re talented, smart, beautiful, and great in bed. How lucky am I?”
Well, when he put it that way… My cheeks flushed, but I made myself accept the compliment. “Thank you. I just meant that I’m such a mess, and you’re so organized.” I watched as he effortlessly pulled out the cork and then grabbed two wine glasses from an upper cabinet. He poured, filling each with a deep pink liquid that I immediately recognized.
“Is that the same rosé we drank at Casa di Rosabela?” I asked. The rosé that he was so proud of, the rosé which had inspired my safe word. I could feel my blush deepen across my cheeks.
William smiled broadly as he handed me a glass. “Very observant. It is. See, I’ll make a wine connoisseur out of you yet, Catherine. Cheers.” We touched glasses. I sipped the wine, dribbling a bit on my bottom lip. I lifted my hand to catch it before it ran onto my chin, but he grabbed my hand and shook his head. His eyes were dark and intense. My breath hitched.
“Messy can be sexy,” he said, touching his finger to my mouth. “Very sexy.” He dipped his head and licked the drop of wine from my bottom lip. At the taste of him mixed with the bright yet delicate flavors of the rosé, my thoughts flashed back to Napa, to our night with the honey and handcuffs and his scorching hot kisses between my legs. My arms came up and I wrapped them around his neck, pulling his mouth to mine for a deeper kiss. He didn’t resist, and this time I pushed him back, pinning him to the counter and pressing against him.
“I thought…you wanted to talk,” he said, his voice husky and breathless with need. I loved that I could do this to him, that I could make him want me so much.
“Talking can wait,” I muttered. “I’ve missed you too much.” …
~ Playlist ~
1.         Going to California by Led Zeppelin –When Cat joins William on his private jet for her first trip back to California.
2.        Tupelo Honey by Van Morrison -- Catherine and William’s first night together in Napa.
3.        You Never Need Nobody by The Lone Bellow –When Cat is left in Napa on her own.
4.       Brown Sugar by the Rolling Stones. When Hutch serves Cat Cinnamon & Brown Sugar beignets at their very flirty first meeting.
5.        Tiny Dancer by Elton John -- Catherine and William’s important afternoon together in Chapter 20.
6.       We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together by Taylor Swift—When Cat runs into an old flame who hasn’t quite forgotten her.
7.       Red, Red Wine by UB40—For the scenes where Cat walks through William’s vineyard and sips his rosé.
8.       Far Away by Nicelback—When Cat doesn’t know where William is and feels abandoned at Napa.
9.       Feeling Good by Michael Bublé—When Cat and William finally say those three words.
10.   First Cut is the Deepest by Sheryl Crow—Cat is shocked to stumble upon Beckett and William together.
~ About the Author ~
Sorcha Grace is the nom de plume of a nationally bestselling author who publishes in another romance genre. Visit her online at and on Facebook ( and Twitter (@SorchaGrace).
Before a sip… there was a taste...


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