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(The Wanted Series #4)
Kelly Elliott
Release Date: January 21, 2014
~ Synopsis ~
Jessie Rhodes has been in love with Scott Reynolds for most of her life. But he ran away from her once, leaving her heartbroken.

When they find their way back to one another, things seem to fall into place, and they begin to plan their future together…

Until Scott’s ex-fiancée deceives them all. With yet another broken heart, it is Jessie’s turn to run away. During her retreat, she meets an intriguing man, and they form a bond that makes Jessie question everything.

Scott’s world collapses when the only girl he has ever loved disappears with no word on her whereabouts. When he finally discovers where Jessie has been hiding, he also learns of her new relationship.

Will deceit tear them apart? Or can Jessie and Scott survive their mistakes and choose to love and to cherish?

Cherished is the fourth book in the Wanted series. 

~ Excerpt ~
“Where…where are you going?” I asked in a panicked voice.
“I need to go for a walk. I need to clear my head.”
I started panicking even more. He’s going to leave me. “No…please don’t leave me. You have to believe me when I say that it meant nothing. I swear to God, it meant nothing. I just want to be with you.”
Scott turned and looked at me. “It all makes sense now—the way you were looking at him when I walked up, what you wrote to your dad on the postcard. It all makes sense.”
Wait…what is he saying? “No…” I whispered.
“Have you seen him since you told me you’re pregnant?”
“Yes. He was waiting for me at my cabana to make sure I was alright.”
“Did he ask you to stay with him?”
I shook my head. “He knows I love you and only you!”
“Oh yeah? Sure doesn’t seem like he cares if he’s fucking you with his fingers and sucking on your nipples, now does it?”
I felt like I was going to throw up. “Scott…we were both lost and hurting. I would have never…I didn’t…I stopped him. All I could think about was you and how wrong it felt, even when I thought you had cheated on me. Please, Scott. You have to know that I wish to God it had never happened.” I sucked in a breath of air as I sobbed. I tried to keep talking. “If I just hadn’t run away, none of this would have happened.”
The look in his eyes turned from anger to hurt. “You never even called…you just left. You left me to wonder where in the fuck you were and whom you were with. I was slowly dying with each day that passed.”
I sat down on the bed and put my head in my hands. “I’m so sorry! I’m so, so sorry. I never meant to hurt you. I would never hurt you.”
I looked up and saw tears rolling down his face. I did hurt him though. I did the one thing I thought he was going to do to me.
He shook his head and walked past me. When he opened the sliding glass door, I jumped up and grabbed his arm.
“Wait! Where are you going, Scott? Please don’t walk away. Please don’t leave me.”
He slowly looked up at me, and the sadness in his eyes gutted me.
“I need to be alone for a while. I need to think, Jessica.”
I threw my hand up to my mouth and tried to keep the sick feeling I had down. “Let me come with you…please,” I begged.
“No. I just need some time to clear my head. I can’t even really think right now. Every time I look at you, I think of him touching the one thing that I value the most in this world. I think of you, pregnant, with him…” He stopped talking as he turned and walked out the sliding glass door.

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~ Review ~
This is Book 4 in the Wanted Series from Kelly and I was looking forward to Scott and Jessie’s story.  Their story picks up with where Faithful left off with Jessie under the impression that Scott had cheated. 

 I always enjoy catching up with the “Wanted” crew.  I like that although this is one couples story we are kept up to date with the goings on around the couple with their family and friends.  

So Jessie decides the best way to deal with things is to take off running.  It destroys Scott because he knows it’s all a misunderstanding but with no way to contact Jessie things spiral out of control.

Ok, lets talk about Jessie.  I get insecurity but I thought she took things a bit to the extreme.   I was not a fan of her behavior while she was away from Scott trying to “forget” her pain.   I also didn’t particularly care for the company she kept.  Whatever happened to stand by your man?

Scott….I could understand his frustration and his longing for Jessie.  It’s hard to find the one you love and straighten things out when you don’t know where to start looking.  I can honestly say that one more than one occasion while reading I wanted to shake and or slap Scott and Jessie. 

As always with our Wanted couples, love prevails.  We ride the very bumpy rollercoaster of Scott & Jessie’s relationship but at the end of the day, they are where they are supposed to be. 

I will be looking forward to reading Lark and Azurdee’s story which is coming in Unconditional Love, Summer 2014.
~ Rating ~

See where it all began…..

The Wanted Series

Wanted (Book #1)

Saved (Book #2)

Faithful (Book #3)

Believe (Novella #3.5)

~ About the Author ~
Kelly is married to a wonderful Texas cowboy who has a knack for making her laugh almost daily and supports her crazy ideas and dreams for some unknown reason...he claims it's because he loves her!

She’s also a mom to an amazing daughter who is constantly asking for something to eat while her fingers move like mad on her cell phone sending out what is sure to be another very important text message.

In her spare time she loves to sit in her small corner overlooking the Texas hill country and write.

One of her favorite things to do is go for hikes around her property with Gus....her chocolate lab and the other man in her life, and Rose, her golden retriever. When Kelly is not outside helping the hubby haul brush, move rocks or whatever fun chore he has in store for her that day, you’ll find her inside reading, writing or watching HGTV.

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