Saturday, January 25, 2014

Cover Reveal 
Sins of Silver

Pepper Winters & Chantal Fernando
~ Synopsis ~

A Biker Dark Romance. 
A story of lawlessness and sin. Brutal and raw and completely unapologetic. Not suitable for people who don't enjoy violence, non-consensual sex, and harsh language.


I’m the judge and jury and executioner. 
I live where no laws or rules apply. 
I obey no one. 
I sell merchandise and trade in commodities, including women. I cast no illusions or offer fake apologies—I don’t pretend to be a good guy. 
I’m a businessman, and a biker. 
Silver Serpent MC are my family; the only people I care about. The day I set eyes upon the sweet perfection of Cleo Price I knew it would be one sale I’d enjoy. 
Too bad I didn’t stick to my own rules: 
No using the merchandise. 
No getting caught. 
And above all else-- no going against family.


 ~ Connect with Pepper~
~ Connect with Chantal~

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