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Review & Excerpt 
A Cry for Hope
Beth Rinyu
 Release Date: March 14, 2014

~ Synopsis ~
Hope McAdams life as she knew it ended on the same day that her eight year old son’s did.

Eight months later she's trying to regain some semblance of normality, while trying to repair her once perfect marriage to a man who was her best friend, but now a complete stranger. Coming to the painful realization that she must fix the hole that’s deep within her heart, she goes home to the place that she grew up in hopes that time and distance will heal her wounds and lead her back to the man she loves.
~ Excerpt ~
“Look at me, Jamie!  Look at me and tell me that you’re willing to walk away from everything we have and I’ll be gone. I’m not ready to give up on us but if you are, then just say the words and I’ll stop trying.”
“Hope, stop it!”
“Stop what? Stop trying? Stop trying to have the man that I love more than anything in this world love me back? Stop trying to make myself feel worthy of your love again? What do you want me to stop Jamie?”
“What do you want me to say Hope? That everything’s going to be okay? That things are going to be the way they used to between us because I don’t know if that’s ever going to happen. Or do you want me to take you upstairs and fuck you like a stranger, the same way I’ve been for the past eight months?”
“I don’t know what I want any more Jamie. I miss my husband. The man that I could tell anything to. The one that I used to laugh and cry with. The one who would hold me in his arms and comfort me whenever I was feeling down.”
“He’s gone Hope. He drowned in that ocean the same day that Charlie did.”
I bit my lip and fought the tears. “So what are you trying to tell me that I’m just keeping myself afloat in this marriage only to have you never resurface?”
His eyes filled with tears. “I wish that I could answer that question for you but I can’t. Because the truth is, I don’t even know the answer to it myself.”
I grabbed a napkin from the counter and wiped my eyes. I tried to catch my breath between my sobs and gain enough composure to speak coherently. “I’m sorry for taking my eyes off him for that split second that day. I didn’t mean for it to happen. I loved him too and I’m hurting just as much as you. And if it makes you feel a little better by punishing me for it this way, then I’m willing to subject myself to it, because I still love you so much that it hurts.”    
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~ Review ~
I had a pretty good feeling when I saw this cover that this book was going to be emotional.  Then I read the synopsis and knew it was a book that would touch  me as I have a little boy just about the age of Charlie.  Do yourself a favor and do not skip the PSA at the beginning of the book.

This book made me cry, it made me angry,  there was some happy moments but mostly there was angst and tears.  Beth's writing doesn't disappoint and even with the story flipping between past and present tense the flow of the book is not disrupted.

Hope and Jamie are reeling from the loss of their son but instead of finding comfort in each other they become disconnected.  After discovering Jamie has been unfaithful she returns to her hometown to regroup and try to heal herself before working on healing her relationship.

 Hope reconnects with her childhood best friend Nick while home.  Spending time with Nick pulls her focus from her troubles to and she begins to heal.  Through all of the turmoil Hope has held on to the love she feels for Jamie and the hope that they will make it through eventually.  Now, I won't lie, I was on the fence about wanting something more to develop with Nick and Hope finding her way back to Jamie.  

Loss, seemed to be the underlying factor throughout the story.  Nick too is trying to deal with his own sense of loss and find his purpose.  Will Hope be the one to save Nick?  Will her bond with Nick be what breaks the last string holding Jamie and Hope together?  Can they learn to let go of the past and look forward to a future?  

Well I could answer those questions for you but then you would be missing out an AMAZING book.  So go grab a box of tissues and A Cry for Hope and find out.  
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