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(Faith & Friendship #2)
S.L. Jayne

Believe (Faith & Friendship, #2)

~ Synopsis ~

Rylee first met Matt in The Promise, for them it was just the beginning.

Rylee Blake is broken. She has little faith, no trust in people and doesn't believe in herself. Having grown up in a home with a verbally abusive stepfather and a mother suffering from depression, an 8 year old Rylee has her heart shattered completely, hearing the words that no child should ever hear, "You ruined your Moms life".

Rylee realizes that this isn't a home, this is just a shell of a house that she needs to get far away from. She makes a pinky promise with her childhood friend Ava, that as soon as they're old enough that they're moving away from this town and as far away as possible from her stepfather.

Years later moving to California with Ava is exactly the fresh start Rylee is so desperately looking forward to. Rediscovering her freedom, fun, independence and most importantly a chance to find herself again. When Ava first told her to believe, have fun, always have faith, and most importantly believe in love, Rylee never thought it would happen. She has never believed in love or that she was worthy of being loved. Fate or destiny were words best left between the pages of a fairy tale.

And men, well they just mess with your head, that is until she met Matt Morgan, the hot tattooed guy whose bad boy image screams trouble. She never expected to have a connection with him that ran deeper than friendship. She never planned to fall for him but she also never expected him to have issues of his own.....

Matt has grown up needing to protect, defend and control his temper.

Rylee has grown up feeling owned, useless and unworthy.

Will their differences collide or will they teach each other to believe?

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See where it all began.................

The Promise
(Faith & Friendship #1)
The Promise (Faith & Friendship, #1)
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~ About the Author ~
I love reading, I have way too many book boyfriends and I love to chat! I have a daughter who I love more than the stars. She is my whole life. My family have and always will be my rocks, they have stood by me through everything.

I sometimes talk too much, I have huge blonde moments, big freak outs and hyper moments, which lead to me being reminded to breathe! 

After starting to read again more regularly I met some great girls online through our love of books, and they have become some of my closest friends, it's really true that somebody doesn't have to be right next to you to make you feel great. Since being an admin on a Facebook book page I have gotten to know some amazing authors and a few of those I now consider great friends.

~ Connect with S.L. ~

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