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Truth in Watercolors
(Truth #2)
Kimberly Rose
Age: NA
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: May 12, 2015
Design by: Amber Shaw at Book Beautiful
~ Synopsis ~
Truth, I hide.
Truth, you seek.
Truth, I confess.
Truth, you leave.

She never meant to let anyone in, least of all him. Now that she has, she is forever changed. Capri sees her life one way. Dull.  She’s learned to dim and fade into the world around her. Until the day she agreed to more time with him.

Shrouding himself in a carefully constructed shield of humor and vibrant charm, Wes has effectively kept everyone out for most of his life. He’s successfully hidden the truth about who he really is, but then she agreed to more time with him.

Lines become crossed and reconstructed. Secrets are revealed, and infatuation is born. Will their connection be enough to paint themselves new, or will the truths of their lives be too stained to overcome.

 ~ Excerpt ~

One drink with a guy like Dan in actuality meant one Cosmo, followed by a glass and a half of water with lemon, and two restroom breaks. Each time I returned from the ladies’ room, I’d remain standing and reach for my purse, but he’d continue right where he left off with his monologue about wanting to start his own clothing line.

“My buddy knows a guy who can do the silk screening for half cost.”


“So that gives me a larger budget to advertise on campus.”

‘Cause I was sure college-aged men wanted to look like Bill Gates on the bottom and Miami Vice on the top. “Mmhmm.”

“And then a guy I met on an entrepreneur Facebook group is going to help me patent my logo.”


“And what’s that gonna say. Douche Pricks R Us?” I jumped from my fog of boredom, spilling my water all over the table.

“Sorry, C.” Wes leaned over my back grabbing loose napkins and laying them across the stream of water. His arms were propped on either side of the table encasing me under him, and somehow leaving me more open than I’d felt all night. After successfully covering the table with layers of brown napkins, Wes moved back only to leave faint wisps of his cologne pulling lazily away from me. I fought the urge to grab onto one and reel him back in.

“And you are?” Dan asked, reminding me of what I was doing here. Wes pulled the chair that sat between Dan and me out and spun it around before sitting down with his arms draped over the back.

“Wes,” he answered sitting up proudly with a grin stretching clear across his face dimple to dimple. A smile paired with an odd garbled half-laugh escaped my mouth. What the crap was that? Thankfully the two were more focused on each other than me and didn’t notice my giggle vomit.

“Wes, this is Dan.” I nodded across the table at my date.

“Her date,” Dan said sizing Wes up.

“Uh-huh. And by date what do you mean exactly?” Wes asked, and I groaned inwardly. Here he goes.

“By date, I mean she and I are here together. Just she and I.” Dan sat up and buttoned the top button of his jacket.

“Nice blazer,” Wes commented, and I giggle vomited again.

“Nice beanie,” Dan said.

Nice beanie, indeed. Wes had the thick cotton pulled down to his eyebrows. Something about a man in a beanie, or maybe just Wes in a beanie, was utterly and completely hot. Maybe it was the way a beanie highlighted the sharp, defined edges of his jawline. Or maybe it was the way it cast a dark, rebellious shadow onto his otherwise mischievous and playful expressions. Or maybe I should stop staring at Wes in a beanie, and instead chastise him for crashing my date.

“We’re on a date, Wes,” I said reflecting how bored I’d felt before Wes showed up. So maybe chastise was the wrong verb to use.

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~ Review ~
 Kimberly Rose had me at the cover!  In keeping with her stunning cover from the first Truth Book I knew I was in for a treat! This book was exactly what I had hoped it would be.  A book that would have me so caught up in the characters that I wouldn't be able to put it down.  

The story centers around Capri and Wes.  She's loved him in secret for as long as she can remember and Wes has always had a soft spot for his best friends sister. So when circumstances throw them together in close quarters, it's only a matter of time before their feelings are revealed.

LOVED LOVED LOVED the way this story unfolded. Hidden affections under a true friendship with laughter along the way.  I seriously had more than a few laugh out loud moments while reading this book.  Trying to stake their claim to one another in no so subtle ways had me smiling through out the book.

"Okay baby, I'll see if I can find us some rope to use later, and maybe some duct tape in case I have a hard time controlling myself like last time."  ~ Capri

But the tender moments between Capri and Wes are what really stole my heart.  The level of comfort, understanding and safety that they found with one another but would it be enough to allow them to share their hidden truths.  Truths so personal that the fear of exposing them would send the other person running.

"You're so wrong. Nothing about you is blank.  You're the most vivid woman I've ever laid my eyes on." ~ Wes

Will Wes and Capri overcome their truths and find comfort in each others arms?  Grab you copy of this amazing read today and find out for yourself.  I will be looking forward to the next release from Kimberly Rose and ordering my paperback.

~ Rating ~
See where it all began……

Truth in Wildflowers
(Truth #1)
Release Date: October 2014
~ Synopsis ~
Truth, love finds you.
Truth, love leads you.
Truth, love heals you.
Truth, love breaks you.

For college student Kensie, finding love hasn’t been easy. With a father she’s estranged from she finds it difficult to trust men, and with a past she’s ashamed of she is unable to trust herself. Kensie feels irrevocably stagnant with an unending desire to move. That is, until she meets August, and her life is set into motion.

After a tragic accident, August gave up on living. A captive to his guilt, he is unable to move on from his past. Then he finds a reason in Kensie. She awakes every dormant fiber of his being, but will she want him once she discovers he is everything she fears most?

Can Kensie let herself love August, or will the truth destroy her?
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~ About the Author ~
Kimberly Rose is a wife, mom, and writer. She found her love of writing in her teens pouring out an angst-ridden heart into journals. Kimberly self published her first book, Truth in Wildflowers, in 2014. She currently lives in Honolulu, Hawaii with her husband and daughter.
 Kimberly loves connecting with other authors, readers, and bloggers. You can find her at authorkimberlyrose.wordpress.comFacebook, or a Starbucks.

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