Donna is a wife and mother of two.  I also have a full time job by day and spend every other available moment with my face buried in a book.  What started out as just my passion to read turned into wanting to share all of the wonderful books and authors with others.  

I enjoy reading Erotica, Contemporary Romance, New Adult and Young Adult, so whether you are an established author, indie author or aspiring author if you are looking for an honest review, I am willing to read.  

Aside from my posts on my blog, I also spend a lot of time on Facebook and Twitter chatting about recent releases, upcoming books and books and authors that I love. I hope you stop by, enjoy what you see, stop back often and tell a friend.   Hope you enjoy your next read. xo

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  1. Hi! Would you be willing to read and review my debut book "Good Wife Gone Bad"? It is the true story of how "Amanda" was born into a family to compensate for the loss of another child. She was overprotected and sheltered until she fell in love, got married, and was taken away from everything familiar to her, only to learn that her husband was not the man he promised he would be. "Good Wife Gone Bad" addresses many social issues being dealt with in today's society: infidelity, emotional abuse, abortion, abandonment, rage issues, panic disorders, post-partum depression, and divorce. You will find it amusing, heart-wrenching, heartwarming, and exasperating, as you see Amanda evolve and finally take a stand. Go to http://www.goodwifegonebad.com to read the Prologue.