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February 2015

January 2015

April 2014

Written on Her Heart by Paige Rion
Finding Us by Megan Smith
Broken Wings by Erika Ashby
The Replacement by Rachael Wade

Eraser: Blue Volume 2 by Megan Keith
Night After Night by Lauren Blakely
Essentialism by L.K. Collins
A Blue Tale by Sarah Dosher
A Broken Forever by Megan Noelle
Precious Consequences by Tamsyn Bester
The Beautiful Rose Box Set by Missy Johnson
Confessions After Dark by Kahlen Aymes
My Control & My Hunger Lisa Renee Jones
Southern Seduction Box Set 
Something More by Jenna Tyler
Heart in Wire by R.L. Griffin
Mud Vein by Tarryn Fisher

Learning to Fly by Misha Elliott
How to Say Goodbye by Amber Lin
Lost In Me by Lexi Ryan
When I Surrender by Kendall Ryan
First Night by Lauren Blakely
Taming Damian by Jessica Wood
Orange Blossom by Sarah Daltry
Before You Break by Christina Lee
Five Miles by Lili St. Germain

January 2014

Living in Sin by Isabel Lucero
Kayden: The Past by Chelle Bliss
Storm Front by Lisa N. Paul
Sex in the Title by Zack Love

December 2013

The Bliss Series by B.J. Harvey
Divided by Livia Jamerlan

Truth's and Dare's by Amity Hope
Unwrapped by Melody Grace
At Any Price by Brenna Aubrey
Sweet Fourty-Two by Andrea Randall
Reviving Izabel by J.A. Redmerski
Storm Warning by E. Lee & C. Quinn
Being Kalli by Rebecca Berto
Cyrus by M.J. Fields
Backward Compatible by Sarah Daltry
Tainted Desire by Wendi Husley
Two Tickets to Paradise by Scarlett Jade
Tipsy by Cambria Hebert
Quintessentially Q by Pepper Winters
Fighting to Stay by Kasey Millstead
Give Me Something by Elizabeth Lee
Pierced Love by t.h. Snyder
Second Chance at Love by Tara Paradise
Marking Her by Elena M. Reyes
That One Summer by CJ Duggan
Friends With Too Many Benefits by Luke Young
Pieces for You by Genna Rulon
Knight & Day by Kitty French
The Just Breathe Trilogy by Heather Allen
Dear Emily by Trudy Stiles
Letting Go by J.M. Witt
When it's Love by Emma Lauren
In the Firelight by Sybilla Matilde
Vendetta by Sienna Lane and Autumn Karr
The Monsters in the Dark Series by Pepper Winters
Kitchen Promises by Brooke Cumberland
Not Enough by Leigh Ann Lunsford
Push the Envelope by Rochelle Paige
Sex.Love.Repeat by Alessandra Torre
Unwrapped (Anthology) by Laurelin Paige
My Real by Mallory Grant
Damian by Jessica Wood
Finding My Forever by Heidi McLaughlin

November 2013

October 2013

September 2013

Beautiful Chances by Alicia Rae

Gentling the Cowboy by Ruth Cardillo

Serenity Falls by Tiffany Aleman & Ashley Poch

The Thief Redeemer by Leigh Clary Abdou 

Untamed Hearts by Melody Grace

Making the Cut by Kim

Shattered and Shaken by J. Bailes

Second Chance Summer by Emma Hart

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