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Crazy Dreams
Dawn Pendleton
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~ Synopsis ~
Stone Tucker has big dreams. Someday, he wants to be on a country radio station. Flash forward to reality, and Stone isn’t any closer to his dream than he was months ago when he left his high school sweetheart and hometown in Pennsylvania to move to Nashville. Every one back home thinks he’s going to fail, and unfortunately, Stone has started to believe it, too.

Enter Ember Daniels.

Ember lost her dad years ago in a car accident, and more recently, her older sister to leukemia. She’s had her fair share and then some of heart break and needs to get away from the modeling life her mother has been pushing on her. A summer trip to Nashville is just what she needs to find herself. She isn’t prepared for Stone, with his hot body and overall indifferent attitude toward her.

One night can change everything, and with seemingly endless summer nights, Ember and Stone both discover exactly what they’re looking for.

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~ About the Author ~
Dawn Pendleton is a new adult author who began her writing journey in New England with her husband and their pup, though she now resides in Georgia and promptly became a Southern Belle (or so she likes to think). When she isn't staring at a blank page, willing the words to jump from her head to the screen, she's usually playing on her iPhone, reading a book, or taking pictures with her fancy camera (which she has no idea how to use).

~ Author Interview ~
Favorite time of day to write/location?
Writing first thing in the morning or late at night is usually my favorite. I tend to write from my bed.

Do you create your characters around how you envision them or do they come to you as your write them?
A little of both. I always write a character profile and get to know them, but they surprise me, too. I like to allow for them to develop their own habits and craziness.

I've heard that you shouldn't read the genre you write.  What genre of books do you prefer to read when time allows?
This is such great advice. I know people who will and people who won’t read their own genre, and I’m one of the ones who doesn’t. I still read romance, since that’s what I’ve always read, but I stick to the age categories that aren’t mine, like young adult or mystery.

What do you absolutely have to have while writing in the cave?  Candy, Coffee etc?
Coffee or Sobe Life Water! They are all I drink anymore. For snacks, I like Triscuits, but anything salty & crunchy works.

Author(s) you would absolutely fangirl over?
I’m one of those people who doesn’t really fangirl, but I would probably freak out a little over Julie Garwood.

Where did you inspiration to write come from?
 Everywhere! I try to pull inspiration from anything I can. Usually, it’s music, but sometimes it comes from the people around me. I love to people watch and make up scenarios about them, which can sometimes turn into me writing them into my novels.

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