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Truth in Wildflowers
Kimberly Rose
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Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: October 20, 2014
~ Synopsis  ~
Truth, love finds you.
Truth, love leads you.
Truth, love heals you.
Truth, love breaks you.

For college student Kensie, finding love hasn’t been easy. With a father she’s estranged from she finds it difficult to trust men, and with a past she’s ashamed of she is unable to trust herself. Kensie feels irrevocably stagnant with an unending desire to move. That is, until she meets August, and her life is set into motion.

After a tragic accident, August gave up on living. A captive to his guilt, he is unable to move on from his past. Then he finds a reason in Kensie. She awakes every dormant fiber of his being, but will she want him once she discovers he is everything she fears most?

Can Kensie let herself love August, or will the truth destroy her?

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1.     Favorite movie/actor/actress?

Kenise: “That’s easy. Dirty Dancing. Channing Tatum, and Christina Applegate.
August: Christina Applegate?”

Kensie: “Yeah, she’s a dancer too. You’re not going to question Channing?”

August: “Well I wasn’t until you referred to him on a first name basis.”

Kensie: “Well, who are your top picks?”

August: (contemplating) “Well, for movie I’d say The Shawshank Redemption, actor definitely Morgan Freeman, and actress, well I couldn’t say. I don’t pay much attention to them since I met Kensie.” (Winks)

Kensie: (Rolls eyes)  

2.     Favorite Singer/Song?
       August:  “Easy , I can answer this for Kensie. Dave Matthews ‘Crush.’ “
       Kensie:  “And for you Augustana ‘Sweet and Low.’ “
       August:  “Close, I think its Augustana ‘Fire’ now.”
       Kensie:  (blushes)

3.     Place you would love to visit?

      Kenise: “Hmmm. I think I’d like to go to St. Augustine Florida. See this magical                     place that inspired your parents to make you.”

       August: “That’s disgusting. Now I have a visual in my head.”

      Kensie: (giggling) “Where would you go?”

 August: “ I would take us somewhere we could explore. Maybe a trip through    Europe, see a little but of Italy, Spain, Germany. Whatever. I just want to go with you and take it all in.”

One item you cannot live without?

August: Gummy bears.
Kensie: (laughing) “I’m sure you’d survive without them.”

August: “And you could survive without chocolate?”

Kensie: “No.”

August: “Exaclty, next question.”

Who would you like to meet dead or alive?

Kensie: “Ella.”

August: (smiles sadly.) “I’d love that.” (leans over and gives Kensie a soft kiss. Clears throat.)

Kensie: “Who would you want to meet?”

August: “I think I’d just want you to meet Ella.”

Favorite Hobby?
Kensie: “Dancing.”

August: (nods) “ Watching her dance.”

Kensie: (laughs) “No, pick something else.”

August: “Okay, making cupcakes.”

Kensie: (blushes) “Yeah that’s fun too.”

August: “That and I love playing ball with the kids at the youth center.”

Guilty Pleasure

Kensie: “Watching Mean Girls with Lennon. How can I watch it so many times and never get sick of it. It never gets old. Never.”

August: “I for one enjoy what happens when you watch Mean Girls, so I say carry on.”
August: “I’d say my guilty pleasure is…is… dancing” (coughs)

Kensie: “What? You’ve never told me this.”

August: “Cause I’m awful at it. You guys are always making fun of my sweet moves.”

Kensie: “Well you have a private teacher now. I’ll show you some new sweet moves.
August: “My own private dancer. I like.” (waggles eyebrows)

Kensie: (nudges August with her shoulder.)

9.Favorite author and book

Kensie: “Jane Austen ‘Pride and Prejudice.’ “

August: “Ditto.”

Kensie: “You can’t steal my book.”

August: “I’m sharing it, and I’d say I have a right to part favorite ownership now wouldn’t you?”

Kensie: (Glances down at her hand) “Yeah I suppose you’re right.”

10.  Favorite Color

August: “Yellow I think. Yeah yellow.”

Kensie: (smiles and rubs his knee.) “I’d say chocolate brown.”

~ About the Author ~
Kim is a binge reader, devouring books one after another. She's creates characters and stories in the same way maintaining a notebook of thoughts and ideas. Truth in Wildflowers is the first time two characters have found a home in a full-length book. 

Kim lives with her wonderful husband and fashionista daughter wherever the Navy takes them.

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