Monday, September 16, 2013

From Now Until Infinity
(Infinity Series #2)


Layne Harper

~ Synopsis ~

Eight years have passed since Colin and Caroline “Charlie” ended their college romance. A chance meeting reunited them confirming that time had not diminished their love for each other. Now, they have to turn their passionate reunion into a legitimate and sustainable relationship. Charlie’s medical practice is in Houston. Colin is the starting quarterback for Dallas. Distance is not the only obstacle to their happiness. There’s Colin’s (maybe?) ex-girlfriend, entertainment reporter Sasha Stone who’s granted the first ever tell-all interview about Colin’s personal life. There’s Charlie’s father who is part owner of their medical practice and blames Colin for Charlie’s battle with an eating disorder. What about the demands of the media and Colin’s rabid fans? “From Now Until Infinity” continues the journey of Colin and Charlie that began, ended, and began again in “Falling Into Infinity.”

~ Review ~

This is the second book in the Infinity Series and Layne Harper did not disappoint.  I was eagerly anticipating the return of Colin F’ing McKinney and I was happy to spend my time wrapped up in all things Colin and Caroline.  I devoured their story in a day and now will need to wait for book three to see what is next for this couple.

The story picks up right after Colin and Charlie reunite in California.  I was anxious to see what kind of havoc a scorned Sasha would be causing after the epilogue in Falling Into Infinity, but was relieved to see that she was not made a focal point of the story. 

One of the issues that Caroline had when she and Colin were originally together was being thrust into the spotlight, having all of their moments subject to the public.  This was what in turn led to her having to choose between pursuing her career or Colin.  When the fallout from Sasha’s interview hits Caroline finds herself right in the middle of the spotlight.  However, this time around it is more than just her personal relationship that is at stake.  Her professional relationship with her father takes a hit and sends them all reeling. 

We also learn that Caroline was not the only one hurt by their separation.  Colin has some secrets that he is just not ready to reveal yet about their time apart.  A side to Colin that I was happy to see actually. 

Forced to decide, what will Caroline do….will she give up the man who is her everything to save her career?  Well, if you are looking for the answer to that question, you will have to wait until Book 3.

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