Sunday, December 1, 2013

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A Broken Forever
Megan Noelle
Expected Release Date: January 31st, 2014

 ~Synopsis ~
Grey and Stefan knew from the moment they met that they were destined for one another.  Despite the none-too-quiet protests from his family they married straight out of high school.  Their love only grew when a year later they welcomed their baby girl into the world.
Life was perfect…until one night changed everything.
A horrendous accident destroyed them; stripping them of everything they knew, taking away their happiness and their daughter.  While mourning the loss of their little girl they were also suffering the loss of each other.  Stefan blamed himself for their daughter’s death and drowned away the guilt in liquor.  Grey had never been so alone.  Stefan had died inside the day their child did.  Doing the only thing she could to save herself… Grey ended their marriage.

Seven Years Later
Stefan Harrison is the most eligible bachelor with a wallet and company that continues to grow.  Every night he had a different woman on his arm with the next not far behind. Grey Dawson is the lead stylist and co-owner of a reputable salon with the perfect fianc√© and a beautiful wedding in her future.
But one chance meeting between Grey and Stefan is all that is needed to reawaken the feelings from the past.
She tries to avoid him but he won’t let her.  Losing Grey was Stefan’s biggest mistake and he won’t stop until he wins her back.  But Grey doesn’t know if she could ever trust him again.  Leaving her heart to decide between the perfect future…or the past she never let go.     
~ Excerpt  ~
I hopped off the stool and walked over to him, lacing my arms around his waist.  My cheek rest against his back and I heaved a big sigh breathing in the scent of his woodsy cologne. 
“What would I do without you?” Richard’s soft chuckle rumbled against my face.
“You’re mistaken, Grey.  It is me who would be lost without you.”
“I doubt it.” I whispered.
“How about we just never part so we don’t ever have to find out?”
His words struck a chord in my heart, jogging a moment I thought I had forgotten completely.  My eyes squeezed shut as the memory took over.
The sun was just beginning to peek around the curtains, casting a glow on Stefan’s face. My head rest against his stomach as my fingers traced the delicious lines of his chest.  His eyes were closed but from the way he was breathing I knew he was still awake.  It had been a little more than twelve hours since we said, ‘I do’ and I still couldn’t grasp the thought.  This perfect man with his incredibly intense blue eyes, soft lips and a heart of gold that he hid from the rest of the world—was mine.  How on Earth had I been so lucky?  It didn’t matter that we were young because I felt it in my soul, Stefan Harrison was the man I was made for.  Our hearts were just pieces of a puzzle and no one else could fit together the way we did.
“What are you thinking about?” I asked, daring to break the silence with my voice.
Stefan gave a contented sigh before opening his eyes to gaze lovingly at me. “Just thinking how perfect this moment is.  How incredibly perfect you are.” I smiled up at him. “I don’t deserve you Grey, but I’ll never stop trying to prove that you are everything to me.”
My hand flew to my heart as his beautiful words sank in.  “Oh, Stefan…”
“I don’t know what I’d do without you, Greyson Rose.  I could never imagine waking up each morning and not have you next to me.”
I sat up and wrapped my arms around his shoulders.  A smile formed over my lips as I stared into his stoically stunning face.
“Well how about you just never leave and then you will never have to wake up a single day away from me.”  
Stefan smiled back and pressed his forehead down to mine.
“I’m not going anywhere, baby.”
Fresh tears rolled from my eyes and stained the back of Richard’s shirt.
“I’m not going anywhere, baby.” I whispered much too low for Richard’s ears, while my arms squeezed him even tighter.
~ About the Author ~
I am Megan Noelle and “A Broken Forever” is the third novel that I will publish but not the first I’ve written.  I have been writing since I was old enough to hold a pen and finally pursued my dream of becoming a novelist.  Writing is my passion and I am all for following one’s passions! One of my other passions is being a mom of my adorable daughter Peyton.  She has just hit the terrible twos and boy…what a joy!  When I’m not writing I’m a stay at home mom and a full time student in the typical major of “Undecided.”  All I know is if I can write, be with my daughter and my family—I will be happy!
5 Random Things You Don’t Know About Me!
1. Peanut Butter M&Ms and a Diet Coke is my favorite treat—ever.
2. I would someday love to write a book that Tim Burton wants to make into a movie!
3. I have a ridiculous addiction to Bride shows.
4. I have a terrible habit of wanting to dye my hair—every month.
5. I can listen to the same song on repeat dozens of time in a row and still not be sick of it.

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