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Strapped(The Strapped Series #1) 
Nina G. Jones
Release Date: August 1, 2013
~ Synopsis ~
By all appearances, Shyla Ball has an enviable life: a loyal boyfriend, a great job, and family that loves her. She doesn't realize how deeply unsatisfied she is until she has an embarrassing encounter with a handsome stranger at a coffee shop. Taylor Holden, a successful businessman, takes a sudden special interest in her and offers her a job she cannot refuse. Soon after, she learns there is much more to this intensely private man than meets the eye. He is hiding many painful secrets, including why it is that he has seemingly plucked her out of obscurity for such a lucrative position. Her "perfect" world is turned upside down by her infatuation towards Taylor and in just a couple of months, her life looks nothing like it did before. While she is frightened by the changes she sees in herself, she cannot resist the lure of Taylor Holden. As Shyla slowly gains Taylor's trust, she learns of his complex history and how it has molded him into the person he has become. When elements of Taylor's secret past resurface and threaten to destroy them, Shyla finds out there may be more to Taylor's story than even he is aware of. Strapped is a story of passion, manipulation, obsession, and family secrets.

~ Excerpt ~
"I have a mask just like the one that Taylor wears. It allows you to walk the earth pretending you are like all the others. I had worn it for so long and so well, I had almost forgotten. When we bumped into each other that first day, he recognized it. He could see right through the flimsy veneer. And so, we measured each other, tried to see if they other recognized our darkness. Bit by bit, we chipped away at each other's facade. Then this dance, this masquerade culminated today. When someone has the whole picture of who you are, it it a powerful weapon that can be used against you. You spend your life guarding the darkness until someone comes along who makes it no longer possible. The exposure is maddening and exhilarating all at once."
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~ About the Author ~
By day, Nina G. Jones works for an internet startup and is a freelance copywriter. She lives with her husband and two dogs.

By night, she explores the hidden recesses of the human psyche in her writing.

Nina has a background in Psychology and uses this as a starting point for her writing. She adds depth to her characters by exploring their psychological motivations. Due to the nature of the topics she explores, Nina does not shy away from explicit language, sexuality, or violence. Despite covering some heavy topics, Nina finds a way to infuse humor into her writing as well.

She has a particular fascination with people who appear to be “normal” or “successful” by all outside appearances who are hiding a secret life.

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