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Covered in Coal
(Buried Secrets #1)
Silla Webb
Genre: Contemporary Romance/Suspense
Release Date: 
March 18, 2014
Cover Model: Scarlet Blade  
Cover Design: Silla Webb
Photographer: Classic Black Photopgraphy/Silla Webb

~ Synopsis ~ 
Carly Jo Simon believed that Colton Weston was her future, but he shattered her heart into tiny pieces. Just like any little girl would, she assumed her daddy would always be by her side. Unbelievably, he turned his back on her when she needed him most, leaving her with no one in her life to turn to for support. Without options, Carly runs away from the only home she's ever known, leaving behind her heartache and the betrayal of the two men she loved most.

Seven years later, Carly reluctantly returns to Kentucky. Her daddy is dying of cancer and Colton is nothing like the boy she once loved and left. After her daddy passes, Carly must uproot her life in South Carolina and take control of Simon Coal Company, where she has no choice but face the pain of her past.

Can Carly keep her secrets buried deep beneath the black Kentucky coal and her heart safe from the fiery Colton Weston?

~ Excerpt ~
I lead him inside, away from the brisk fall air. I climb the stairs to my bedroom, to change my clothes, and Colton follows behind like a lost puppy. Grabbing some comfy UK sweat pants and a tank top from my closet, I go to the bathroom to change, leaving Colton standing alone and distant in the doorway. As I’m changing, I hear soft music echoing from my room. My heart constricts, slamming against my chest, as nerves rattle deep in my stomach. Pinching my eyes closed, I take a deep breath, before stepping back into the bedroom. 

Opening the door, I notice the song playing is Fall Into Me by Brantley Gilbert. He grasps my wrists between fingers, and pulls me tightly to him, wrapping his arms around my waist as he begins to turn me slowly to the rhythm of the song. Running his nose up the crook of my neck, and through my hair, Colton hums the tune quietly. Taking deep inhales, he begins to nibble lightly on my ear as deep rattling groans escape him. The music continues to play, as we tangle ourselves in the others embrace, swaying to the rhythm. 

Snuggled tightly to his chest, Colton tips my chin up so he can peer down into my eyes, seeing my heart, hearing what I can’t say with words. “Let me be your love song, Carly Jo,” Colton’s deep husky voice, barely a whisper. 

Slowly, he leans in and takes my bottom lip between his, gently teasing with soft licks. Gripping my hair in his hand, Colton tips my head back, and works his way softly down my neck, and across my collarbone. Running his fingers under the hem of my tank top he gently massages the small of my back, as he trails sweet kisses down my shoulder. Inching my shirt up slowly, Colton grazes the hem of my bra, before he quickly pulls my shirt over my head, leaving me feeling vulnerable and exposed. I immediately want to cross my arms over chest, but I shake those thoughts, as I remember this is Colton. He’s the same man I gave my innocence to so many years ago.

Sensing my anxiety, Colton rubs soothing circles across my back, as he continually kisses the crook of my neck. Completely carried away by his affectionate conquest, I give into temptation and begin to love Colton back.
Rubbing my hands up the hard muscles of his back, I pull his shirt loose from his pants, then work my way back to the front to unbutton them. Surprised by this, Colton becomes even more excited, and kisses me deeper, harsher. Pulling his work shirt off, he rips the white under shirt away quickly, desperate not to break contact with me.

I trail my fingers up Colton’s bare tight chest, and my knees grow weak, trembling with fear, and passion. Colton continues to sway me to the music, which he has on repeat, as he hums softly. “Fall into me Carly Jo, I’ll catch you, and hold onto you forever,” Colton croons between hums.

My trembling knees fail me, and I stumble, but Colton grasps me tightly, then lays me back on the bed. A wide smile spreads across his gorgeous tan face. I feel a wall around my heart crack at his smile. His eyes glisten with love as he gazes deep into my soul, searching to find the love for him that has always been there.

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~ Review ~
I was very excited to have the opportunity to read this debut novel from a blogger turned author and boy am I glad that I signed up to review.  WOW!  Debut, you can tell that this girl will be going places.  This story had it all, angst, sexual tension, heartache, forgiveness, deceit and love.  Put that all together in this book and you've got a great story!

This book was a nice change for me.  Carly Jo Simon isn't  a weak woman.  Hell no, she has risen above pain and despair and grown into a woman with  drive, spunk, determination and is a woman with authority.  But she is guarded and is not sure that she's capable of opening herself up to love again.

Enter Colton Weston.  He's been a part of Carly Jo's life since she was in high school and although they broke up years ago he never stopped loving her.  
Supervisor at the mines she now runs they are on a collision course to reunite. 
I loved Colton.  He didn't take any of Carly Jo's sidestepping and pushed her to her limits time and time again.  

Returning to her home town has been an eye opening experience.  Carly Jo has begun to repair old relationships and forge some new frienships.  But with secrets revealed and lies of omission brought to light will Carly Jo be able to tackle all of the obstacles that have been thrown in her path?  Will determination and an undying love be enough to pull them through or will outside forces ruin their chances at a happy ever after?

This book pulled me and had me eagerly turning the pages on my kindle all the way till the end.  I couldn't wait to see what was coming next.  This story had me laughing at the banter between Colton and Carly Jo, ripped my heart out,  and made me happy sigh.  The emotion and detail that Silla Webb provided had me hoping one minute and yelling don't do it in the next. 

Go 1~click a copy of Covered in Coal and introduce yourself to Carly Jo and Colton.  You will not be disappointed.  I know that I am already anxiously awaiting the release of the next installment in this series and will be eager to see where Silla takes these amazing characters.

~ Rating ~

~ About the Author ~
Silla Webb is a Kentucky native, raised in the heart of the coal fields. A coal truck driver’s daughter, and a railroader’s wife, the coal fields own a special place in her heart.
She is a work at home, Super Momma to three rowdy boys, who keep her on her feet from daylight to sunset. As a pass time from her everyday life, Silla began a blog, for reviewing romance novels. From there, she realized that not only did she have a natural love for reading and reviewing, but she found that lost love of writing that she once had as a young girl.
When she isn’t conquering the world as a wife, momma and Super Woman, Silla loves to lay on the front porch swing and read while sipping sweet tea, just passin’ the day away.

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