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Point of Submission
Remy Landon
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Release Date: May 27, 2014
~ Synopsis ~
Cassandra Larsen is not the type to give in. But Carlo Leone is not the type to give up. The 27 year old CEO of a prominent industrial company, Carlo is rich. Powerful. And devastatingly handsome. Tragic events in his past have caused him to be guarded, to view women as playthings in a provocative game he and his colleague created. When Carlo meets 21 year old Cassandra at the horse stable he owns, he is instantly drawn to her beauty and feisty nature, but beneath her spunk, there is vulnerability and want. She will be a challenge--a perfect candidate for the contest. 

Wary of relationships due to her rocky history, Cassandra is determined to resist Carlo’s smoldering eyes and maddening charm. Will she surrender? And will Carlo discover that this has become more than just a game--before it’s too late? 

 ~ Excerpt ~
He gathered her into his arms—oh, God, the way it felt to have those arms around her—and she panicked, pressing her hands against his hard chest and pushing away from him. The slight presence of male perspiration combined with his unbelievable cologne was lethally erotic, and even as she tried to protest, she knew she was doomed. Absolutely fucking doomed. 

Carlo knew it, too, the way he always seemed to know what she was thinking and feeling, no matter how hard she tried to conceal it. He laughed softly, his dark eyebrows arching in amusement. “Oh, sweetheart...I think you realize it's no use pushing me away. I always get what I want. And right now...” He pulled her closer and put his mouth at her ear. “I want to kiss you.” 

She felt the hint of stubble on his jawline, caught the scent of wine on his breath as he brushed his lips along her cheek in search of her mouth. “Please...” she found herself whispering, as she leaned back. 
“Please what?” he asked huskily. “Please kiss me?” His mouth hovered over hers. “Please touch me?” 

Cassandra had stopped trembling. She was completely, utterly immobilized as Carlo covered her mouth with his. He kissed her softly at first, breaking the contact for split seconds and then becoming more and more insistent. Despite her reservations, her lips parted. It had been so long since she'd been kissed, and to be kissed by such an insanely beautiful man tugged at the blanket of restraint she'd so carefully wrapped around her, until she felt it slip away. 

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~ About the Author ~
As a child, Remy was an avid reader and writer, bringing stacks of books everywhere she went and scribbling stories in a thick spiral notebook.

She heard somewhere that you should have a career based on what you loved to do when you were 10, and she would love nothing more than to follow that advice.

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