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It’s Not Over
A.L. Zaun
Release Date: January 13, 2014

~ Synopsis ~
 “If I let go, will you catch me?”

He had wanted her to help him win his ex-girlfriend back. She had wanted to teach him a few lessons on how to treat a woman. Neither one had planned for the unexpected.

I couldn't stand by and watch. It hit too close to home. I had to run fast and far to get away and forget him. He weaseled his way into my life, making me question rules I lived by and turned my orderly life upside down. I'm falling apart and coming undone. I don't do that. I'm Madison Stuart. I live life by my rules. I won't be derailed by a man. I won't...I can't.

She's gone. I'm desperate and going insane. I'll do whatever it takes to find her. I don't know when it happened, but I won't let her go, not like this. What has she done to me? I'm Rick Marin for crying out loud. I don't chase women, but she's not just a woman. She's Maddy--my Maddy--and I need her.

Follow Rick and Madison’s story, The Do Over’s most notorious couple, as they learn that It’s Not Over.

~ Excerpt ~
I selected what I wanted him to wear, and I tucked the rest away in the closet. As I was running my hands along the lapel of the blazer, I heard him exit the bathroom.
“You’re a slob,” I said flatly.
“I was just following your orders. Your text said to focus, get in the shower, and not make you late.” He came up behind me, and lowering his head, he tickled my neck with his lips. “Picking out my clothes?”
My eyes closed as he breathed seductively into my ear. His scent surrounded me. My head tilted to the side as my body reclined into his. I could feel his hard-on pressed up against me.
“Saving time and cleaning up after your sorry ass,” I said with a small whimper.
His hands traveled slowly down my arms and teased the hem of my blouse. I gasped softly at his touch, relishing the feel of him close to me.
“All things you love to do,” he whispered in my ear before he clamped his lips around my lobe and sucked gently.
I trembled at the sensation. My core clenched, and desire warmed between my legs.
“Maddy, am I under your skin?”
“Like a tick,” I breathed, fighting the urge to turn around and give in to the feelings overtaking me.   

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~ Review ~
The story picks up right where we left off in The Do Over.  Since t his is the 2nd installment in the series to truly appreciate the depths of Rick and his transformation I believe you should read The Do Over first.  Wow!  Never saw me pulling for Rick Marin while reading the Do Over but he won me over in this book.

When Rick finally realizes that he’s been chasing the wrong woman he goes to her, but she GONE!  Well let’s just say Rick isn’t one to sit back and wait for things so he’s off and determined to find Madison.   But Madison left to get away from him so she throws attitude at every given chance.

I love Maddy!  Her mood swings can give you whiplash but her personality is off the charts.  She too in this book undergoes a change.  Rick actually softens that hard exterior of Maddy’s  and let’s us see her more vulnerable side.

“You drive me f#@king insane.  But I will take a day of insanity with you over a lifetime of sanity without you~ Rick

Their banter and game of cat and mouse is what really I really enjoyed.  Rick’s cockiness and Maddy’s determination to keep control is what makes them so great.   She feels more comfortable telling him he’s an ass than allowing herself to feel.  Arguing for them was foreplay and it usually led to some steamy sex.  Neither one of them are “relationship” material so it was fun to watch them try. 

The story kept me engaged throughout and had me reeling at the end.  I am not a fan of cliffhangers but I will be anxiously awaiting the next installment of this series to see how it all plays out. 

~ Rating ~

See where it all began…….

The Do Over

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~ About the Author ~
A.L. Zaun graduated from Florida International University with a degree in English Literature when the dinosaurs roamed the earth and cellphones were the size of a brick. Her impressive degree did absolutely nothing for her professional endeavors in health care management but did stir her imagination and opened up the world of books in a new way. 

Armed with a large bottle of Diet Pepsi and a multi-pack of Extra Sugar-Free gum, A.L. Zaun spends her evenings bringing to life the characters that dominate her thoughts and interrupt her sleep. 
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