Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Runforlove copy

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Run for Love
Anna V. Moore
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~ Synopsis ~
Gia is a successful business woman. She is smart, kind and very attractive. She thinks she has everything she wants in life until she meets Joe. He is a sexy, successful man. Run for Love follows their story.

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~ Excerpt ~
“Please, Scott, for seven years I’ve loved working here, even though I work fifty to sixty hours a week. I love running with you and going to charity events with you, but most of all, I love being myself with you. I’ve never felt that I had to prove myself to you or that I had to explain our amazing relationship to anyone. I’ve always felt blessed to have the best, and I mean best, boss in the world. But I’ve never thought of us beyond that. I certainly never thought you did either. It scares me to hear you say these things.”

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