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Release Day Blitz
Love Him Back
Kris Nacole
Release Date: August 23, 2015
 ~ Synopsis ~
After escaping an abusive relationship, Chesney Ward fights to take back control of her life. She longs to leave behind her troubled past, but she craves more than what her small town has to offer.


The Air Force provides the escape she needs.

After arriving at her first duty station, Chesney meets Staff Sergeant Zane Thomas, a Special Forces airman used to exercising control in all things, which she doesn’t mind. However, she has no idea she’s getting more than she bargained for.

Zane thinks no woman could ever make him want to settle down. That is, until he meets Chesney, the small town girl with a big heart. Her southern accent and big brown eyes make him forget how to breathe.

Over time, their lives will change and they will be forced to part ways.

When Zane reappears many years later, Chesney's life is turned upside-down. Not only is she faced with sharing a life-altering secret with him, but she is also given a second chance to rekindle what they once had years ago.

Will Chesney be able to love him back to her, or is Zane too broken to be saved?

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 ~ Excerpt ~
     I sat down on the edge of the tailgate and stared out over the breathtaking view. The darkness made everything look so mysterious in the distance. The moon was so bright that the reflections in the water were hypnotizing.
            Zane sat down next to me and wrapped his jacket around my shoulders to shield me from the cool breeze. I nervously started swinging my legs back and forth trying to think of what to say next.
            “Thank you,” I said, pulling his jacket close and breathing in his manly scent.
            “No problem.” He smiled at me then glanced back out at the water.
            I scanned the darkening skies above the water. “It’s so beautiful,” I sighed.
            “You sure are,” he breathed, so many feelings wrapped in those words.
            My cheeks warmed at his compliment. I bit my lower lip, trying not to blush.
            “Well, now, are you blushing, again?” he asked, leaning into me, nudging me gently with his shoulder.
            “Definitely,” I said seductively, nudging him back. 
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~ About the Author ~
Kris Nacole grew up in a small town in North Carolina.  She currently resides in Tennessee, with her husband, and two kids.  She enjoys reading, writing, traveling, playing piano, volunteering, and spending time with her family.

Kris is a hopeless romantic, and thinks there’s nothing better than seeing your imagination come to life, in order to tell an amazing love story.  

Kris has traveled the world and seen many fascinating places. She spent three years living in England, and those were some of the best years of her life.  Her writing is inspired by many once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.  

Kris graduated from Keiser University, with a BA in Health Services Administration, and earned her MBA in Health Services Management at Keiser University, as well.  

A little about me......
I grew up reading and enjoying romance novels. My first romance novel that I read was by Danielle Steel and she had me hooked from the first page. I come from a military background so I knew I wanted my first book to be a military romance. Actually, the book Love Him Back is completely different than my original outline. Once I started writing, the book just took a turn and went in a totally different direction. I love the way the love story ended up, though, much more than the way I envisioned it before. My favorite character is Chesney because she is not only on a journey for love, she's on a journey to find herself again. She's just as broken as Zane is when she meets him, and she has to learn how to move on and put her past behind her. She's a very strong woman. 

I am currently working on my second novel Hart of Country that will be releasing in 2016! Add to to your tbr here:
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