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Given to You
(The Killer Next Door #3)
Carlie Sexton

~ Synopsis ~ 
To give is a virtue. But to give your very self, the ultimate bequest. Offered in love, it can be wondrous. Offered in desperation, it can be deadly.

In Book Two of this three-part epic, young and tempting Kate Simmons at last seemed to have reached a safe haven of happiness when she moved in with Neil, ambitious and persevering, both in his legal practice and his love life. Taking great care to protect his trophy and the surprise he had in mind for Kate, Neil hired security to accompany his soon-to-be fiancée on a scavenger hunt of a lifetime. As Book Three continues their saga, it is life itself that is in the balance when Kate becomes the hunted as the jilted Roger snatches his prey.

The obsessed minds of Neil and Roger now take aim squarely at each other — with a bare and exposed Kate directly in the crossfire. Knowing her very life will be the winner’s spoil, Kate stares agony in its ghastly face as it approaches for the death dance. 

There is no time, no place, no safety in a war of fixation. A war in which the winner will be either the last one standing, or the last one to die.

~ Review ~
Given To You is the 3rd and final installment in the Killer Next Door Series.  You must read Fallen For You and Taken By You before beginning this book.  The story picks up right where Taken By You ended with Roger surprising Kate outside of the spa disrupting her plans to rendezvous with Neil.
Kate has to fight her instincts to flee and stay in Roger’s good graces in order to prevent anyone else from being harmed.  Roger made my skin crawl every time he touched Kate and made sexual overtures towards her.
She is also startled to see that they are not alone. I felt for poor Jacob.  His twisted father had not only taken his mother from him but has no regard for his own son’s welfare.  I cringed when Roger drugged him just so he could be alone with Kate sooner.
Neil wasted no time in hunting down Roger to save his beloved once he knew that she had been taken.  His background check of Roger proving helpful in determining where Roger may have taken Kate. 
While Kate is trying to stall Roger’s advances, we gain some insight into Roger’s childhood that has moulded him into the monster his is today. 
I was on the edge of my seat when time had run out and the time had come for Roger to finally have his way with Kate.  I felt my heart race praying that Neil would get to her in time.
When Roger gets away and leaves his son to save himself, I was screaming at my kindle !
Just when it seemed like good things were on the horizon for Neil and Kate, Roger resurfaces to complete his mission.  Kate at all costs. 
Carlie wraps the series leaving you with a sigh of relief and a smile on your heart.   The series was a roller coaster ride of angst and emotion.  I am happy to have seen Neil and Kate’s journey through to the end.
I will be looking forward to the Companion novel, Beholden To You, which will explore the relationship of Mac and Natalie.  

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~ About the Author ~ 

Carlie Sexton has had a passion for reading her entire life. She loves it so that she dedicated her life to educating children. As a teacher, she has had the profound pleasure of teaching children to read and explore their imaginations through a good book. Just recently she decided to write a story that had been on her mind. Now she has several that she wants to turn into additional books. Writing has become a passion that she dearly loves.

Carlie lives with her handsome husband in Southern California. They enjoy the relaxed lifestyle that California provides. They have two beautiful dogs, but no children.

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See where it all began…

~ Synopsis for Fallen For You ~ 
If you believe your life is the sum total of your choices, what do you do when things just don’t add up? You are about to find out. It won’t be pretty. It won’t be dull. And surely, it won’t be safe. In fact, making just one wrong choice could put evil at your bedside watching you sleep.

And so it is with Kate Simmons, a young woman who, by choosing to regain her life, actually puts it at risk by the very choices she makes. After unimaginable heartbreak stops her world on a dime, Kate falls into a three-year blackness of self blame that brings her to the edge of life, itself. As time finally brings light back through tiny cracks of renewed desire, Kate moves out of the prison she made for herself in her mother’s home to find a new reality, rooming with her best girlfriend, Charlie. 

Yet, to be free is to be vulnerable, and Kate’s choices more than ever mark a splattered line between being happy and being dead. 

Care to choose? Here’s your menu: 
A strangely alluring building manager so possessed with wanting you for his own, he’ll bury more than the fact he has a girlfriend; a buff college student for whom you are clearly hot, as are all the other girls on campus; a pushy lawyer who is as handsome as he is intoxicated with conquest, who doesn’t take no for an answer, who gets what he wants — always.

Sometimes, it’s whom you choose. Sometimes, it’s who chooses you. If you’re Kate, it’s both, and it puts you on a perilous road where good looks and humor are the thin masks of jealous delusion and utter violence.

You’re in trouble when the sum total of your choices is written in blood red.

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~ Synopsis for Taken By You ~ 

How tragic it is when a caged spirit finally finds its freedom and — entranced in its ecstasy — is invited by that freedom into a cloaked dance with danger.

In Book One of this three-part epic, Kate Simmons — young and alluring, and finally out of her cage of grief — attracts more than attention. Intoxicated by her newfound independence, a blithe Kate is on her way to finding out that around the corners of life, some life-changing eye-openers await. As the story continues in Book Two and she begins to churn a dangerously turbulent trail, it is Kate who now has to snap to, to react, to outrun, or become yet another tortured victim who vanishes down the path of wrong choice.

Having already roiled the risky waters of jealousy, Kate moves in with Neil while Roger — an enamored oddity — visits his son in Germany. Upon his return and finding Kate gone, Roger’s predator mind becomes unhitched, and then unleashed, on the hunt of a lifetime. But whose life?

Step by creeping step, even as Kate’s future closes in on her, she attends — obliviously — to her new life, working through the challenges of fresh relationships, losing family members both to death and to deceit, questioning the depth of love. 
Every path offers a choice. Every choice offers a consequence. And every consequence summons its due. As emotions swirl across fateful days and nights, some in Kate’s life will reach out to touch happiness in warm embraces, others to sever ties in bloody traces.

The stains of passion are frequently mistaken. The question here is who will be taken?

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