Monday, October 19, 2015

 Duel Cover Reveals
Unleashing Sin
{Revive #.5}
Resurrecting Her
{Revive #2} 

Unleashing Sin

~ Synopsis ~
They don’t call me Sin for nothing.  My name is Alex Sinclair, but the nickname is much more than an abbreviation.  After losing the only person who meant everything to me, I lived up to the connotation.  Saintly behavior wasn’t in my repertoire while I fucked countless women.  I made my home at the bottom of a bottle, and my only acquaintance was heroin. 
My best friend Elias saved me from my personal hell.  Once I was clean, I vowed to end the lives responsible for ending hers.
Then I found you.  Feeble, alone, needy.  Everything I didn’t need.  A distraction from the task I’d set my sights on six years prior.  Something about you called to me.  I tried to resist you.  I wasn’t good for you, but the truth was, I think you were exactly what I needed.
I pushed.  You pulled.  I tried to protect you from my darkness.  You fought to pull me into your light. 
We became distracted.  I’m not sure either of us won.    

Resurrecting Her
~ Synopsis ~ 
Marlena Aldrich
Travis is still out there.  I don’t think I’ll ever be free.  He’s not going to stop until I’m his.  Elias and Sin may be protecting me, but I’ll never be safe.  Not with all the secrecy and lies I’ve been told.  But I have a secret of my own this time, and it’s destroying me slowly from the inside.

Elias Brooks
I made a mistake by exposing Marlee to my world, but I won’t stop until I make it right.  It’s too late to go back now.  She’s mine.  I’ll let her unravel every thread.  Disclose every single half-truth until I can breathe life back into her.  What’s done is done.  I put her in danger before but never again. 
We made ourselves vulnerable with our carelessness.  We’re both to blame.  When the threat comes to our doorstep, will we fight through it together or let it tear us apart?

See where it all began........

Redesigning Fate
{Revive #1}
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