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Stealing Time

S.L. Siwik

Release Date: April 6, 2014
~ Synopsis ~
Delaney Beaumont is more likely to flip you the bird than she is to say hello. A workaholic during the week as a free-lance graphic designer, by weekend she's a partying alcoholic. Laney's MO is always the same: party and drink until she blacks out. Every weekend she wakes up in bed with a strange man and no memory of how she wound up there. But, she doesn't care. Because when she leaves his apartment, she'll never see him again. It's the way she's gone about it for years and it suits her needs just fine.

That is...until the day she wakes up in Jackson Turner's bed.

Jackson Turner is a tattoo artist and owner of four shops in the Colorado area. He wanted Delaney from the moment he set eyes on her. Their night together is nothing short of crazy, and Jackson knows that he has to have Laney in his life for good. Convincing her, while dealing with the consequences of their night together, will be easier said than done.

If you love someone set them free. Then get ready with a bottle of Jack.

~ Excerpt ~

A loud buzzing sound goes off and I moan out in pain from my head pounding. Grabbing the silk wrapped pillow, I throw it over my head as I bury myself into the mattress like an ostrich into the sand. Hmm, I like the feel of the material against my naked body. So, I fucked someone last night with nice sheets. Score!
I searched my addled brain to remember what happened the night before.

Here are the facts that I remember: I drank a shit ton of Jaeger Bombs last night at Club Indigo before blacking out. Where am I? No fuckin’ clue. Who’s next to me? Your guess is probably better than mine. I’m not too worried though, because Double D, that’s Drunk Delaney, the person who comes out in me when I blackout, has never done me wrong. My pussy senses hotness in a five mile radius, and Double D, she’s a deal closer. So, I’m not freaking out about all of my unknowns right now, because that’s part of the fun- trying to piece together the ‘what the fuck happened’ from the night before. Usually I don’t get answers, and I’m alright with that too. Because whoever this is next to me had his one night of glory. His five minutes of fame in my world. I don’t ride stallions a second time. I don’t do ‘do overs’ either. I don’t even bother with names.  What’s the point? When I walk out that door, I’ll never see them again. This is how it’s been for the last six years, and it suits me just fine.

“Turn that off!” I grumble, smacking something hard next to me. I wince in pain, sure that my hand hurts more than whatever I just smashed into.

I hear a loud groaning sound before a warm body turns towards me, pressing up against me. A strong arm slides around my waist, pulling me even closer. Soft warm lips kiss my neck before a trimmed beard brushes against my shoulder, tickling me.  Hard body, strong arm, soft lips…aside from the raging hang over, not a bad way to wake up. 

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~ Review ~

 I was looking forward to reading this book for two reasons.  It was something new from an author whose work I have grown to love and the synopsis was intriguing.  Unfortunately this one fell flat in some areas for me.  There was definitely chemistry between Laney and Jackson but the on goings of their first night encounter were just not believable for me. 

What I did like was Jackson or "Tats" as Laney liked to call him.  Who doesn't fall for a hot guy with tats and a killer personality.  Laney was spunky as all hell and trying to hide from her pain at the bottom of a bottle.  But when she meets Jackson he sets her world on fire and makes her want to run.  

Laney, "the Little Hurricane", is carrying around years of guilt and using drinking and sex as an escape.  But when her past comes slamming into her present without any warning will Laney run to her past or toward her future?

I've been waiting for you all my life.  I was starting to think that you'd never come."  A tear rolls down my cheek as I shrug.  "I like to be fashionably late."

Jackson and Laney's roller coaster relationship was just that.  You never knew what was going to happen on the next page.  What I found distracting from the story was the flipping back and forth between time periods.  I like to watch the story unfold as it happens not having to double check what point of time I am in a story.  Overall, I enjoyed watching Laney and Jackson's story unfold and the characters realizing that they may have been broken but together they are whole.  

"The heart knows what the mind hasn't figured out yet."

~ Rating ~

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 ~ About the Author ~
I live in NJ with my husband, daughter, dog, and beta fish. I love going out with my daughter on the weekends, drink a pot of coffee a day, and hate wearing make-up. I love finding new book boyfriends, and I love writing down the stories that pop into my head. But, most of all...I love hearing from you!
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