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Yara Greathouse
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Release Date: May 13th, 2014
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance
Cover: Berto Designs
Editor: Carrie Guth
~ Synopsis ~
Life has not been kind to Brianna Gilmore. After a terrible childhood and adolescence she is able to escape her troubled past and disappear. A few years later she is starting over attending the university of her dreams. Dating is not even a bleep on her radar. After all the terrible experiences she has had with men throughout her life, she is not ready to give her heart away. Unfortunately, she cannot avoid the charms of Colton Hensley.
Colton is used to getting everything he wants. He has the looks and the money – until he meets Brianna. Pursuing her is a challenge, and getting to know her is nearly impossible since she is reluctant to give in to him. The mystery of this adventurous, adrenaline seeking, tough talking, most beautiful girl he has ever seen – is driving him insane. She is all that he can think about.
And when someone dangerous comes after Brianna, will she be able to avoid telling Colton about her past?

Recommended for 18+
Part of a Series: Yes, but can be read as standalone – no cliffhanger
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~ Excerpt ~
 “Has anyone ever told you that you have a very dirty little mouth? I’m going to have to show you how much I love it. I like it that you don’t play games and you tell me exactly what you want and what you need from me. It is liberating. On top of that it’s so hot to hear you say those things…” I grab her hand and put it on my dick. “Can you tell what you do to me? How desperate you make me? How bad I want to be inside of you?”
“Colton, less talk, more action.” Then her hands are on my face pulling me towards her. Kissing her lips is fucking awesome. Brianna’s lips on mine make me feel things that were foreign to me, the way my heart beats faster, the way my skin sizzles when she touches me, and the fact that I do get nervous and want to make sure I do everything just right. Her kiss starts sweet and it deepens to an urgent hunger that we can’t quite satisfy because we just cannot get enough of each other. Our hands are all over each other’s body, exploring, feeling, touching, reaching, and experimenting.
“Oh, baby… I enjoy kissing you. Your lips are so soft…” I whisper with my mouth never leaving her skin.
Her tongue starts dancing with mine, going deeper. I can’t get enough of her. My hand goes down between her legs and she naturally spreads them open for me. I go round and round and enter her with my middle finger first. Her mouth stops kissing me, and opens seductively, taking a deep breath.
“Hmm, Colton, it feels so good. Feel me squeeze your finger, do you feel that?”
“Shit, yes, you are so tight!”
“That is exactly what I’m going to do to your dick when you put it inside of me.” Then she gives me a wicked grin.
“Hmm, that sounds good. You are so ready for me.” I kiss her neck and then bite it gently. It’s time for me to take control. I grab a hand full of her wet hair and pull her back until her tout nipple is puckering for me to take. My mouth naturally goes to take care of it. I lick around it a few times and finish by sucking hard and biting it until I hear her hiss. Listening to those sexy sounds coming out of her throat and mouth, drive me into a primal state. My mouth is on hers while my hand continues to massage and coax her needs.
“Don’t stop, please, Colton, I need it!”
I have two fingers inside of her and my palm is massaging her clit with every push. I can tell she is getting ready as her walls tighten. I have my middle finger curled up and with every entry I make sure to touch her special spot.
I move my other hand from her hair to her waist when I feel her legs are giving in. Her body is arching back, her mouth is full of sexy moans and I know she is close. There is no description for being able to watch Brianna enjoy the pleasure that I am giving her. It’s is so fucking exciting that I am afraid I may come before I can even put my dick inside of her.
She is trying to open her eyes, but the intensity of what is building up is keeping her eyes closed. “Baby, look at me.” They flutter and luckily, this time instead of fear I see nothing but need. “Good. You are so fucking perfect. Come for me.” I drive my fingers in and out of her faster and harder and seconds later, I have what I was waiting for when she buckles over and over against my hand.
I grab her ass and press my erection against her and I wait for her to ride this wave. Once she stops trembling, I whisper in her ear how much I enjoy seeing her explode with pleasure and how horny she makes me. Brianna smiles and whispers “Really? It seems you are behind on the score. What’s next?

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~ About the Author ~
Yara Greathouse spends her days working for a living in the travel industry and volunteers for the community with Meals on Wheels. At night, she locks her office doors and begs not to be interrupted unless there is a fire in the house, blood is being spilled or a tornado is coming by. Sometimes it works, but she has found that acting as a Tasmanian devil is the most effective way to stop any and all interruptions while she is writing.
She loves writing, reading and cooking – not necessarily in that order because, as you may know, it will always depend on what kind of mood she is in. She seems to always get caught up in some comedic situation that causes her friends to laugh with her, and now they recognize that if something is going to happen to anyone, it will happen to her.
Her favorite sport is people watching and eavesdropping on ongoing conversations anywhere and everywhere. According to her, this helps with character development. She also enjoys taking pictures of questionable strangers without their knowledge and of weird things she comes across.
Join her in her journey of creating great characters and great stories that will make you laugh and will also touch your heart.
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