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Dirty Little Secret

Amber Rides
Publication Date: January 16, 2014
~ Synopsis ~
When Cutter Lane skids his truck to a halt in front of Melissa Hanover, it's hate at first sight.
Melissa has always been the good girl, the perfect girl. And she's cultivated the perfect life to go along with her straight-laced image. Nice roommate, nice boyfriend, nice future. She's not looking for a change. Especially not a change which involves a cocky, foul-mouthed jerk like him. The only problem? Everything about Cutter makes Melissa want to throw her morals out the window.
Cutter has his own ideas about what constitutes the perfect life. None of them involve a designer-purse-carrying, smart-mouthed, rich, bitch like her. In fact, Cutter has spent years separating himself from a world like Melissa's, and has no interest in jumping into it all over again. Eat, paint, get laid, repeat. That's all Cutter wants to do. So why can't he get his mind off of her?
A white lie.
A hidden truth.
A growing attraction.
Melissa and Cutter must wade through all three in search of common ground and a love like no other.

 ~ Excerpt ~
I couldn’t stand the thought that she felt so down on herself.  I threaded our fingers back together, and fought to find the words to explain the ache in my heart.  I was out of practice at expressing myself. I didn’t want her to think she was anything less than she was, which was about as un-fucking-frigid, un-fucking-messed-up, and un-fucking-believably perfect as they came.

“Melissa, I’d like your permission to prove a few things to you,” I growled. “To help you prove them to yourself.”

Immediately, her breathing quickened. “Like what?”

I pulled our hands, together, to her throat.

“Like the fact that you’re passionate and full of life,” I told her. “I can feel your pulse, right now. It’s racing through your veins, and there’s nothing cold about it.”

I slid our fingers down, slowly, to the bottom of her robe, then up, stopping mid-thigh.

“I can feel it here,” I said. “And I can see it in your eyes, and in the rise and fall of your chest.”

On cue, she inhaled and exhaled deeply.

“Do you believe me?” I asked.

“Yes,” she gasped.

“If you want to stop, say so now.”

In response, she pulled our hands up a little further.  She wasn’t wearing any underwear.  Nothing could have pleased me more.

“Leave your hand there,” I said. “I’m going to undo your robe so I can watch.”

“So you can watch what?”

I gave her a wicked smile as I slipped my fingers into the knot at her waist, unfastened it slowly, and slid the fabric from her shoulders.  Her body was fucking amazing.  Soft curves in all the right places. 
I pushed her knees apart and drank in the view with my eyes.  

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~ About the Author ~

Amber writes under a not-so-secret pseudonym.  Her books are just too steamy for her friends on the playground.  Yep, that’s right.   She’s a mom of 3 and has a good-girl rep to protect. She’s pretty sure her husband is trying to blow that out of the water, but until then, she’ll keep trying.

Before beginning her writing career (like, this year) Amber worked at a restaurant.  The whole time she worked there, she was gathering intel for characters.  She did warn her customers that one day they might appear in her books, and they all agreed that their French fry purchases doubled as liability waiver.

Amber lives in southern Alberta, and therefor tells anyone who will listen that she is from the Deep South.  She uses this as an excuse to Google hot cowboys.  And also as a reason to force her husband to wear tight jeans and drive a jacked up truck.

Dirty Little Secret is Amber’s debut novel, and it will be followed up by 2 more books, tentatively titled Dirty Little Deal and Dirty Little Talk.

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